Quit Smoking with Kismet-Hypno…

Here is an outline of the Power Plan we use to deliver this superb Quit Smoking Service

At Kismet-Hypno, it’s all about the ‘Power Plan’. This is our superb Quit Smoking method and it’s broken down into the 3 ‘P’s:

  1. Purpose - Stop Smoking Initial Consultation
  2. Preparation - Stop Smoking Session
  3. Persistence - Powerful follow up if needed

FREE Stop Smoking Initial Consultation

Step 1 is a FREE Initial Consultation with you. This is a 30 minute no obligation chat where we can discuss the reasons behind your smoking habit and work out the best way to tackle it.

The main outcome of this session is to decide on what the purpose of you quitting smoking is, or in other words discover your reason. With a good reason to quit smoking, hypnotherapy will become a powerful tool and will help you make the changes necessary to quit easily and for good!

This Consultation is also a chance for you to ask any questions you have about the therapy, the therapist and anything else you are worried about.

We can also book your appointment at the end of the session, but if you want to think things over that’s fine. You don’t have to commit to anything at the session.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session

The hypnotherapy session itself is composed around your individual needs. Following your Initial Consultation, your hypnotherapist will go away and compose a session that focuses on the reason(s) you identified as most important to you.

We will also prepare you for overcoming those tricky situations you will face once you finish your session and start to think and act as a non-smoker. Everything is thought about and you will leave knowing you have the tools, motivation and focus necessary to never smoke again!

You will be relaxed, totally in control and playing an active part throughout your session.

You will be in control of your life, not the cigarettes!

Follow up call

You will recieve a follow up call 2 weeks after your session to check on your progress, offer any support or guidance or to book a half price follow up session - should you need it.

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Mon-Sat: 8am-8pm Sun: 10am-4pm