10 Day Stop Smoking Craving Diary

Chart your progress and watch your cravings decrease in frequency and intensity

Chart your progress with this FREE stop smoking craving diary from Kismet-Hypno! Although it may not feel like it, your cravings will lessen as time wears on, it's well known that the first 10 days are always the hardest! That's why we have created this diary for you. Simply count how many craving episodes you have per day and add them to the chart and you will see that over the course of those difficult 10 days, the amount of cravings you have will lessen.

We've also added what is considered the 'normal' craving frequency to your chart for you, so you can compare your stop smoking progress. Bear in mind however that everyone is different at that this chart purely shows that the first 3 days are the hardest, and that your cravings will lessen with time. It is in no way a guarantee that your experience will be the same. It's best to print this out and put it on the wall somewhere. Then everyday before bed add on how many craving episodes you have experienced.

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